Fatwa Q&As: Should I fast if I am travelling?

Awqaf, the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, answers Ramadan-related questions.

Q: When is it permissible for me not to fast while travelling?

A: If the distance of travel is more than 80 kilometres, and the travel itself is for something permitted, then provided you left home before dawn while intending not to fast that day, it would be permitted for you not to fast. But if you awoke and were fasting that day and did not intend to break your fast, then it is not permissible for you to break your fast for that day and it is in fact obligatory on you to complete the fast.

Q: It was necessary for me to have an injection in my vein during the daytime in Ramadan. Is my fasting for that day considered acceptable or do I have to make up for that day?

A: If the injection was either nutritional or for energising the body, then this would invalidate the fast, irrespective of whether such an injection were to be in the vein or otherwise. If the injection was for tranquillising pain or something similar, then this would not break the fast.

Q: When does fasting not become an obligation for the elderly?

A: Fasting no longer becomes obligatory when an elderly person is unable to fast without incurring adverse health effects. It is recommended that if an elderly man is unable to fast, that he should feed the poor instead. As Abdul Razzaq narrates in his Musannaf: “Anas Ibn Malik grew old until he was unable to fast, so he would break his fast and feed people.”

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