Expo 2020 Dubai: how to beat the queues

Make sure to use the Smart Queue app and arrive early for Germany

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Long queues at popular Expo 2020 pavilions in Dubai have led to visitors snapping up time slots before the curtains close on the world's fair this month.

Organisers last week revealed more than 17 million visits had been paid to the sprawling site, with more expected each day as the last day of admission approaches.

The mini heatwave recently experienced in the emirate made spending time queueing even less desirable.

So how can you beat the queues? The National explains.

Smart Queue

The Expo smart queue system allows people to book for up to 10 pavilions a day, with fast-track options available for over-60s visiting Expo 2020 Dubai on week days.

Advanced bookings are possible on the ‘manage tickets’ option on the Expo app and online.

But with several pavilions booked out until the end of the event, visitors should check on the day as slots open up after cancellations.

One ticket allows a visitor 10 smart queue bookings each day.

On the Expo 2020 Dubai website, create your Expo account, go to the drop down option under your name, and select ‘my tickets & smart queue’.

Link your ticket and add the tickets of people who will accompany you.

Add tickets by entering the reference number and click on ‘activate smart queue’.

Entry to Expo’s Japan pavilion is available through smart queue booking on the day. Ruel Pableo / The National

Under ‘manage smart queue’, add the pass and select a date, pavilion or attraction and a time.

If you have downloaded the Expo 2020 Dubai app on your phone, create your Expo account and follow a similar process.

Tap on the Expo logo or booklet and select the ‘manage orders’ or ‘manage tickets & smart queue’ options, then activate the smart queue by selecting the pavilion choosing the date and time.

Arrive early

There are some pavilions that do not subscribe to the smart queue system, such as the popular Germany pavilion, so arriving before it opens to secure your place near the front of the line is the best way to make sure you get in.

Several pavilions allow people with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women and families with young children in strollers quick access without a booking.

Buggies for seniors

Under the senior citizen programme, visitors aged over 60 can book for private access to the site. Photo: Expo 2020 Dubai

Buggies can be booked for 90 minutes for over-60s.

This is available in two slots at 9.30am and at noon from Monday to Friday.

A quick tour of the site with stops is possible for seniors who also get free entry to the site.

They can be accompanied by family members, friends or carers.

You need to book entry tickets to the Expo for each visitor and the ‘senior citizen’ programme before you arrive at the venue.

Dedicated parking is available near the Expo entrance, as well as a buggy drop-off to the arrival zone and private buggies for up to five people for 90 minutes from 9am until 1pm.

Details about the pavilions that allow fast-track entry for seniors is available here.

For more information, message on WhatsApp on +971 50 141 3453 or email seniorbookings@expo2020.ae

Bookings need to be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Quick tips

For entry to the Japan pavilion, bookings open at 9am daily.

Visitors need to be quick to link their tickets and choose available slots for that day.

It is the only pavilion with daily bookings due to heavy demand.

Bookings must be made on the Expo app or online in the ‘manage tickets’ section.

Visitors should check the bookings page as options for other favourite structures such as UAE, Singapore, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, the US and Italy can become available the day before or on the same day as your planned visit.

Updated: March 25, 2022, 7:22 AM