Expo 2020 Dubai records more than 2.3 million visits in first month

More than half of the visitors are using season passes

Expo 2020 Dubai recorded 2.35 million visits during the first month of the global event.

The figures revealed on Monday showed that India topped the list of countries with the most visits followed by Germany, France, Saudi Arabia and the UK.

The number of people who had visited the world’s fair was not available, but organisers said most were making more than one trip.

People under 18 have accounted for 28 per cent of Expo visits so far.

Organisers said 17 per cent of visits came from those based overseas, a figure that they said was notable because many countries were operating under pandemic restrictions.

In all, people from 185 nationalities visited Expo to date.

More than half of the visitors – 53 per cent – hold a season pass, and more than a quarter (27 per cent) have a multi-day pass.

One in five visited Expo on a one-day ticket.

Organisers said almost 2,000 government leaders had taken part in activities at the world’s fair in the first month — including heads of state, presidents and prime ministers.

It has also sold 695,437 Expo passports during the first month.

Expo 2020 Dubai also hosted 5,610 events in October.

Saudi Arabia's pavilion has emerged as one of the most popular at Expo, with 500,000 visitors since October 1.

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Updated: November 1st 2021, 10:20 AM