Ex-wife calls husband's new wife 'animal' and 'trash' in WhatsApp tirade

Woman police officer convicted over insults and threats

A policewoman has been convicted of insulting and threatening the new wife of her former husband over WhatsApp.

The Emirati defendant, in her 40s, was not present at Dubai Court of Misdemeanours when Judge Ayman Abdul Hakam sentenced her to two months in jail.

Prosecutors earlier stated that her Emirati husband had divorced her and married another woman last year.

The victim, also Emirati, and whose age was not stated, said that on August 7, 2016 she received the first WhatsApp message from the officer's phone number.

She said the message contained foul language but she did not respond.

From that day until August of this year, she received several messages containing insults and inappropriate images were sent to both mobile numbers.

They came from the new wife's number and from other 11 other numbers, said the victim, who eventually called police after she told her husband she could not take it anymore.

“She called me an animal, trash, home wrecker, husband thief, rotten, and many other very bad words,” she testified.

The ex-wife was contacted by police and told to attend to Al Qusais police station for questioning. Officers said the woman admitted the offence and they seized a number of mobile phones and sim cards in her possession.

The confirmed she had sent the insults and images.

However, the woman did not attend prosecution meetings and failed to appear before court to respond to the charges against her. She can appeal within 14 days.