Dust storm sweeps into Dubai

The National Centre of Meteorology also predicted rain clouds forming over eastern parts of the country and fresh winds

A dust storm swept into Dubai on Friday afternoon, with forecasters warning of poor visibility for the rest of the day.

The National Centre of Meteorology also predicted rain clouds forming over eastern parts of the country and fresh winds.

The adverse conditions led to traffic jams around the emirate.

Dubai Police also warned motorists to drive, adding that more than 200 road accidents had been caused by the weather.

“Dubai Police recorded 252 traffic accidents in Friday evening, said Lt Col Turki Abdullah bin Faris,” director of the Command and Control Centre at Dubai Police.

Forecasters expected visibility to be below 2000 metres with conditions lasting until 10pm on Friday.

Earlier Abu Dhabi experienced hazy skies for most of the day:

UAE residents woke up to dusty skies this morning as temperatures soared.

The weather outlook for the Emirates will be more of the same with hazy conditions persisting on Saturday. Rain is expected over southern areas. Windy weather will also bring in more dust storms.

The start of the working week will see temperatures ranging from 'hot to very hot'.