Education chiefs briefed on reopening educational institutions in September

Safety measures could include social distancing and face masks

Education chiefs met to discuss reopening schools and universities in September.

They were briefed on the possibility of studies resuming across general educational institutions, and also about the potential restrictions needed to reduce the risks of contracting the coronavirus.

Safety measures could include social distancing and face masks, education experts said.

Minister of Education Hussain Al Hammadi said the possibility of resuming classes, including the reopening of public and private universities and schools, would be made in line with precautionary health measures.

He said any reopening would also take into account the evolving dangers from coronavirus, and that student safety would be the top priority.

Mr Al Hammadi said the ministry wanted to ensure the highest levels of protection and safety for students, teaching and administrative staff. It also wanted to help workers through the disinfection programmes at educational institutions.

The Education and Human Resources Council praised the efforts of the Ministry of Education, educational bodies and teaching and administrative staff at government and private universities and schools.

It also praised guardians and students for the co-operation they showed in implementing the distance learning system.

UAE schools are expected to look vastly different when they bring pupils back to the campus, education experts said.

Children will walk into school premises wearing face masks. They will get their temperature checked before the morning attendance, play contact-free sports, and will sit metres away from their peers.

Schools in the UAE are scheduled to open on August 30, but there is no confirmation yet on whether remote learning will continue into the next academic year.


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