Dubai’s Green Community still flooded after last week’s storm

Many claim the residential area has been forgotten about as other flooded areas have been prioritised, leaving rats, rubbish and sewage to take over.

DUBAI // Rats, rubbish and raw sewage were just some of the horrors residents in The Green Community West faced this week as the clean-up operation after the storm continued.

Some said they felt forgotten as other areas flooded during last Wednesday’s torrential rain were prioritised ahead of them. A week on and filthy, ankle-deep floodwater remains outside many homes.

With more rain on the way today, residents there hope to escape further problems.

“Our bins haven’t been emptied for a week because they are surrounded by water,” said a mother of two.

“We can’t wade through the water. It is too dangerous because drain covers are missing, so there are holes around.

“I’ve seen two or three rats run along my front garden, and there is sewage floating around. It’s disgusting.”

Another woman, who also did not want to be named, said: “We can’t do any clearing up because people can’t get in or out of their homes easily because there is still so much water around.

“In the West community, at least 50 other homes are in the same situation as us. It is very frustrating, we don’t know which way to turn.”

Union Properties, which is responsible for managing homes and facilities in the community, did not respond to questions from The National about why a pump house in the Green Community lake failed to cope with floodwaters.

Ground-floor properties in the Terrace Apartments were hit hard by the storm, as was the Marriott Hotel and shopping mall. Water has been cleared from many main roads in the area but lakes of rainwater remain between Dubai Investments Park and Jebel Ali.

“We had no help until Friday and were camped out upstairs in our house until then because the ground floor was flooded,” said another resident.

“There were quite a lot of tankers and pumps but then they suddenly stopped on Sunday and we don’t know why. We’ve been calling Union Properties to find out what is happening but we’ve heard nothing.”

Rain was expected to sweep into parts of the UAE today, putting further strain on clean-up resources, with showers also forecast for tomorrow and thunderstorms expected on Friday in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai is expected to be fine on Friday though, with highs of 30°C.