Dubai sets Guinness World Record for car parade

Another Guinness World Record was added to the country’s ever-growing list on Friday as the record for the most car brands in a parade was broken at the Meydan racetrack.

Motorists attempt to break the Guinness World Record for assembling the most number of cars of different makes in one parade. Delores Johnson / The National
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UBAI // The UAE yesterday added another Guinness World Record to its list of accomplishments for assembling the most number of cars of different makes in a parade at the Meydan racetrack.

Before the record was set for the first time, Guinness had stipulated that a minimum of 50 cars were required to complete two laps of the track.

After a failed first attempt, Dubai achieved a record with 58 brands of cars, including Peugeot, Kia, Cadillac and Porsche.

“The drivers attempted the record two times only. They had to complete one and a half laps around the track to meet the requirements of 3.2 kilometres,” said Samer Khallouf, from Guinness World Records, who was adjudicating the event.

He said the first attempt had failed because there was a huge gap between two cars, and the participants had to start over.

The cars had to keep a distance of between one car length and one-and-a-half-car-lengths between one another while travelling at 20kph during the convoy.

Pakistani car enthusiasts Kashif Bhaor, 24, and Atif Ahmad, 25, brought their cars, a Nissan Altima and a Daihatsu Sirion to participate in the event.

“I wanted to support the country in making the record. It’s not that it’s fun but not all records are fun. The fun part of this is you meet new people and see new cars,” said Mr Bhaor.

It was Mr Ahmad’s first participation in a record attempt. “We’ve done parades before, like for National Day and the Gulf Cup. We love cars and taking part in things like this,” he said.

Briton Colin Arnett was in the UAE to visit his friends during the Formula One championship last week and extended his holiday to witness his friend’s participation in the record attempt in his 2008 Caterham Roadsport car. But the car enthusiast could not join his friend in the record attempt because the organisers had restricted it to drivers only.

“[Nevertheless], as a car fan this is a dream come true to see some of these cars,” said Mr Arnett.

“You’d never think you’d get so close to these things, like the Aston Martins, Morgans and Ferraris. The styles vary from the 1950s and 1960s right up to the modern day. This is a highlight of my trip and was worth changing my flight for.”

His friend and compatriot Rob Dobson said participating in the event was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“How many chances in life do you get to be a record holder? I am now, which is fantastic,” said Mr Dobson.

Maintaining speed and distance so as not to ruin the record attempt was stressful. “We failed the first attempt and it filters back,” he said.

Friends Johnny Huntingdon and Ramy El Zeini brought their yellow 1968 Cadillac, although only Mr El Zeini could participate.

They share the unmodified car for recreational use at weekends.

“I wanted to make history for my car. Those of us who have our cars want to enjoy and share it with everyone and building history like this is good,” said Mr El Zeini.