Dubai's most basic health insurance to cover cancer checks

Change means all will have access to screenings for three most treatable forms

Male Patient Entering Hospital MRI Scanning Machine. Getty Images
Male Patient Entering Hospital MRI Scanning Machine. Getty Images

Dubai's most basic health insurance plan will cover screenings for the three most treatable cancers for the first time.

Screening for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer will be opened up to all those on the mandatory package, which all companies must offer.

The Basmah initiative is in line with the government's Vision 2021 plan to aid early diagnosis and improve health outcomes for patients.

“This is a milestone in terms of health insurance coverage and we have redefined health insurance through this initiative,” said Dr Haidar Al Yousuf, director of health funding at Dubai Health Authority.

“Prior to this scheme, cancer coverage under the mandatory health insurance scheme as part of the basic benefit plan was limited to Dhs150,000.

“Now, that is no longer the case. Under the scheme, those detected with breast, colorectal or cervical cancer will receive coverage from screening until treatment.”


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If a patient is detected with any of the three cancers during this screening, the DHA Patient Tracking and Follow-Up Centre is automatically notified.

They then ensure that the complete treatment process for the patient is smooth and streamlined.

As part of the initiative, people will go through criteria based screening.

If a patient is detected to have any of the three cancers, the patient will be treated under the Basmah initiative at Dubai Hospital, which is a centre of excellence in cancer care or at a later stage at another recognized centre of excellence in cancer care in Dubai.

“The patient will receive the same level of treatment as we have ensured unified pathways for cancer care in Dubai,” said Dr al Yousuf.

Prior to this, the funding department recently added screening services for diabetes, heart disease, new born and developmental screening as part of the mandatory health insurance cover.

Published: December 10, 2017 06:59 PM


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