Dubai court jails workers for colleague’s naked video prank

Two Pakistanis will serve six months and then be deported for stripping a colleague and threatening to show the video to his friends.

DUBAI // Two workers who attacked a colleague, stripped and filmed him “as a prank” were each sentenced to six months in jail yesterday.

Pakistanis E K, 29, and Z M, 27, denied the charges at the Dubai Criminal Court in February, but changed their plea and confessed to sexually assaulting their colleague by recording footage of him naked.

They claimed it was with his consent.

Prosecutors said that on October 3 last year, the two lured their victim into E K’s room at Dubai Municipality accommodation in Al Muhaisnah.

The victim said they had pretended they would give him a lift to a clinic as he did not have a car.

After he arrived at their room they locked him up, stripped him and punched him in the face several times before covering his head with a blanket.

They filmed him then threatened to distribute the recording to all of his friends in Dubai and Pakistan if he reported them to police.

“They did that because of old disputes I had with them,” said the victim, 27.

He told the two he would not tell police so they would let him go. Once he escaped, he called police and the pair were arrested.

One officer said the men confessed but claimed it was an act of revenge because the victim had planned to do the same to them days before.

“But they added that they made the recording as a prank,” the officer said.

The two will be deported after completing their jail terms.

Published: May 6, 2014 04:00 AM