Drunk dentist assaults paramedics tending to his unconscious girlfriend

The man punched the paramedics and insulted them after they refused to let him ride in the ambulance

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A dentist who assaulted two paramedics who were tending to his girlfriend after she fainted at a club in Dubai was sentenced to a suspended jail sentence and fined Dh1,000.

On October 28, the South African man, 49, was at a club in Dubai Marina with his girlfriend when she went to the bathroom.

“Minutes after she went, a man came over and told me that she fainted. I rushed to the ladies’ room and started first aid until paramedics arrived,” said the accused.

The man said paramedics stretchered his girlfriend to an ambulance and refused to let him join them in the car.
"Then I found myself taken to the police station but I didn't know why because I didn't assault them nor did I insult them as they claim. I have been living and working here for six years without committing any wrongdoing, " he said.
The Filipino paramedics told prosecutors that the accused followed them as they moved the patient and tried to perform CPR on her.

"She was awake and doing well. I told him to stop, but he was drunk and angry," said the paramedic, 42.
He said the defendant hit him in the face then insulted him before he turned to his colleague and did the same.

“He kept saying he was a doctor and when we asked him to present an identification card, he refused,” said the second paramedic, who called police.

When he appeared at Dubai Court of Misdemeanours, the defendant denied charges of assaulting and insulting public employees and consuming alcohol without a liquor licence.
He was sentenced to a suspended one month in jail and fined Dh1,000.