Woman convicted of prostitution

Twenty-five-year-old is sentenced to six months in prison.

DUBAI // A woman will spend six months in prison for prostitution, the Criminal Court of First Instance ruled this morning.

The 25-year-old AT, an unemployed Emirati, had sex with men in return for money in Dubai, the court ruled.

Corporal AS, 29, testified that police sources provided information about AT practicing prostitution after which the department traced the information and got AT's mobile number.

He said an undercover police source cover contacted AT and arranged to meet her at the Gloria Hotel in Media City about 11pm on May 11.

AT arrived at the hotel room and met with the source. She took Dh3,000 from him, took off her clothes and laid on the bed. Officers in the next room then burst in and arrested her.

According to prosecution records, she confessed to prostitution but said she only done it three times before meeting the informer.

Prosecutors said AT confessed that she started offering herself online and charged Dh1,500 to Dh3,000.


Published: August 21, 2011 04:00 AM