Two nights in jail for man who refused to hand over Emirates ID

An Egyptian man spent two nights in jail because he refused to hand over his ID card to an off duty police officer, hears court.

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ABU DHABI // A man spent two nights in jail after getting involved in a parking dispute with an off duty police officer, the appeals court heard today.

AA, from Egypt, told the court he was trying to park at a mall when he became blocked by a Range Rover coming towards him. "I let my wife and kids go down to the mall as I waited for the car to reverse so I could park," he said.

However, a queue of cars began piling up behind the Range Rover, which was driven by a man in traditional Emirati clothing, and the road became blocked.

The driver of the Range Rover then ordered the Egyptian to reverse before demanding to see his ID card.

"I asked him why should I give him my card, and said I would only hand it over to someone who could prove he is from the police."

The Egyptian was then arrested and ushered into a nearby police car.

"I was totally polite with him," said the Egyptian. "I asked why they were holding me and what was my charge."

"I then asked for my phone to call my wife and kids as I had just dropped them off and they would have no idea of where I was."

The policeman replied that he had already "talked too much".

The Criminal Court convicted him of "failing to respond to police orders" and fined him Dh500 - a verdict the Egyptian is now appealing.

A verdict is expected on December 16.