Man denies raping German teen at his home

A 19-year-old Emirati is accused of raping a 16-year-old German boy after luring him into his home.

DUBAI // An Emirati man denied charges of raping a German teenager after luring him into his home, the Dubai Criminal Court was told today.

Prosecutors said on March 22 that MN, 19, raped MA, 16, and consumed a bottle and a half of vodka.

MN confessed to consuming alcohol.

MA told prosecutors that he left the house of his British friend E at nearly 11pm on the day of the incident along with his German friend R.

"I walked R home then continued towards uptown Mirdif," the victim said.

On the way he met the defendant and his cousin, who offered him a ride. The victim said he had met the cousin previously at a friend's house.

The three went to McDonalds before heading to MN's house in Mirdif. The cousin left and the other two had dinner and watched a movie, records said.

After the movie finished the defendant forced MA into the bathroom where he allegedly threatened him and forced him to take off his trousers, records said.

After the attack, MA walked home. The next morning the defendant allegedly threatened one of MA's friends and forced him to take him to MA's house. MA said the defendant told him he would harm one of his friends if he did not go with him.

"I was scared of his threats so I went with him," the victim said.

The defendant, who was with his brother and cousin, took MN to uptown Mirdif where a friend saw him and told him to avoid the defendant, who could hurt him.

"I called my mother then and told her about the threats," MA said.

The victim and his mother told police MA threatened to stab him. MA said he was afraid to tell police about the rape, so he told his mother on March 25. She took him to the police station and filed another complaint against the defendant.

The next hearing will be on August 27.