Joy for 400 workers after Dh3 million in owed wages is finally paid

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department stepped in after staff were left in limbo

Hundreds of workers owed Dh3 million in unpaid wages after their employers fled the country have been paid after the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) stepped in.

The 400 staff at a catering company in the capital were left badly out of pocket when the executive directors absconded - taking large amounts of the firm's cash with them, the ADJD said.

In a statement, the ADJD said that an Emirati partner at the firm had managed to pay of the 1,200-strong workforce but had "stumbled upon' remunerating the rest.

The name of the firm was not disclosed by the ADJD.

An earlier court order had frozen the company’s funds, meaning the Emirati partner was unable to continue to pay the workers as only the executive director had access to financial accounts.

On Thursday, ADJD, with the support of the Ministry of Human Resources, managed to resolve the dispute at the workers' accommodation.

Officials visited the site in department’s mobile court after being alerted to the case.

The legal status of the worker's was also finalised during the hearing, with those who wished to return to their native countries able to do so.

Those who wanted to remain in the country have found new employment.

ADJD said that, along with the ministry, they managed to resolve the issue in two days.


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