Jail term upheld for Dubai passport officer who took cash for forging exit records

A passport officer who falsified the immigration details of 121 people has his two year jail term upheld by the Appeals Court.

DUBAI // A passport control officer who took bribes in return for falsifying the immigration details of 121 people had his two-year jail sentence upheld by the Appeals Court today.

YE, 34, an Emirati working at Dubai International Airport, forged entries in the Naturalisation and Residency Department's database to make it appear as though the people had left the country when they had not.

He was commissioned by a Bangladeshi, BA, 41, who asked him to forge entries for people from countries including Britain, China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Russia.

In return he received bribes worth Dh96,800 between June and July last year. He was found guilty on charges of forgery and accepting bribes.

The Appeals Court also upheld a two-year sentence for the Bangladeshi man.

The men were jointly fined Dh33,800 and the Bangladeshi will be deported after his prison term.


Published: June 5, 2013 04:00 AM