Dubai Police recover Dh12bn in debts after arresting thousands for financial crimes

Dubai Police apprehended more than 28,000 people in connection with financial offences last year

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. 17 FEBRUARY 2020. Colonel Saeed Al Qamzi, Head of Dubai police’s Interpol department. (Photo: Antonie Robertson/The National) Journalist: Salam Al Amir . Section: National.
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Police in Dubai arrested more than 28,000 people for financial crimes last year, recovering debts of Dh12.2 billion.

One man captured by police was wanted in connection with 10 offences valued at a staggering Dh800 million, with another suspect linked to Dh450 million worth of crimes.

Colonel Saeed Al Qemzi, director of the wanted persons department at Dubai Police, said his team was tasked with snaring offenders from both within the region and across the globe.

Police did not disclose the specific nature of the crimes those apprehended were accused of.

“We arrested 28,257 individuals wanted internally for financial claims, and the debts they paid after their arrest last year, came up to Dh12.2 billion,” said Col Al Qemzi.

The senior officer said while the force's primary goal is bringing criminals to justice, officers also play a key role in helping people settle their debts.

“We launched a scheme to help people inquire remotely about their financial crime status in order to encourage them to initiate settlements,” he said.

Col Al Qemzi said the reporting service has already helped more than 57,000 people clear their debts.

Residents can check the status of financial cases against them online, including whether they are subject to a travel ban.

“Some people fear arrest if they inquire directly from police stations, therefore this scheme helps them find out and facilitates procedures for them,” said Col Al Qemzi.

“We aim to eliminate fear and help people settle their debts faster, which is the reason why we also launched a service that informs individuals of their financial crimes status via SMS notifications.”

For more information on the service, visit the Dubai Police website.