Dubai pilot jailed for running over woman who 'laughed at his car'

Woman was knocked to the ground and suffered injuries to her leg and arm after being hit by the car in Mirdif Ciry Centre mall car park.

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DUBAI // A pilot was sentenced to a month in prison for running over a woman he claimed pointed and laughed at his car, the Court of Misdemeanours heard.

HK, a 21-year-old Emirati student, told the court she was with her sister at the Mirdif City Centre mall car park at 9pm on October 13 last year. She they were walking toward their vehicle when the defendant did not allow them to cross to the other side of the car park.

"I was talking to my sister and asking why that driver did not let us cross and pointed at the car while talking," said HK.

She added that when she and her sister turned their backs and walked to their vehicle, they heard the sound of a car speeding toward them.

HK was then suddenly hit by the defendant's car and knocked to the ground. She suffered moderate injuries to her left leg and arm.

Court records said the car then sped away. A Pakistani woman, identified as SN, saw the accident, wrote down the plate number and handed it to HK's sister.

She called police who were able to trace the defendant, OR, a 23-year-old Emirati pilot.

He denied a charge of endangering the life of HK. "I was driving at 10kmph," said OR.

He noted that the women were pointing at his car, laughing and making fun of him but he ignored them and drove away looking for a place to park.

"When I made a U-turn I saw the women again, and the woman stood in my way so I swerved in order not to hit her but she threw herself at my car," he said, adding that when he lowered his window to see what happened the woman insulted him.

"I also ignored the insult and drove away," he said.

SN, 35, testified that she heard a car accelerate and hit HK.

"He was driving at 60kmph at least, and opposite traffic," said SN, adding HK had her back to the car when OR hit her and did not talk to him.

The defendant's wife testified that her husband was driving slowly and did not hit HK.