Dubai man fraudulently sells employer's Bentley

The accused then fled the country

A man is accused of fraudulently selling a Bentley belonging to his company while his boss was away.

The Pakistani defendant, 27, is accused in his absence of embezzling a car from his employer, forging an authorisation letter to sell it and then selling it to an Emirati between June 23 and July 1 last year.

The Emirati, 33, said he saw a post from a showroom saying the car was for sale on Dubizzle.

“I contacted the showroom and spoke to the sales manager. I agreed to buy the car for Dh360,000,” said the Emirati, with the accused having allegedly sold it to the showroom for Dh310,000.

A sales manager accompanied the defendant and the buyer to Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority to register the sale using a forged certificate, saying the defendant was authorised by his company to sell the car.

The incident came to light when the owner of the company where the defendant had worked for the past six years returned to the country after a trip overseas.

“I questioned my driver and he said the accused had taken the car for maintenance,” he said.

He tried to contact the defendant, but found that he had left the country.

The defendant was charged with forging documents and embezzling the 2014 Bentley. He was not present at Dubai Criminal Court to enter a plea.

A verdict will be issued in his absence on March 28.

Updated: March 18, 2019 11:56 AM