Clerk took Dh1m from company, court told

He is accused of walking away with the money while a cashier was on lunch break.

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DUBAI // A data entry clerk at an electronics company embezzled more than Dh1 million from his employer with the help of four others, a court heard this morning.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance was told that AA, 25; SM, 29; and SK, 30, all Indians; and AS, 34, from Turkey, aided and abetted DA, 23, an Indian, in stealing Dh1.2m from T-Pad Electronics. AS was charged with possessing Dh35,000 of the stolen money.

All denied the charges. AA, SM, SK and AS told the court through a translator that they were merely DA's roommates and knew nothing of the theft.

Prosecutors said that on May 2, DA was reported to police for stealing from his employer at Murshid market near Iran Export Bank. DA was accused of taking cash while a cashier was at lunch about 3pm.

Records show that DA was seen leaving the accountant's office with a black bag. When the theft was discovered shorlty after the lunch break, the accountant called him but his phone was turned off.

DA was arrested the next day in Al Rafaa area, and according to records, he confessed.

MH, Pakistani employee at the company, testified that he often received large amounts of money as part of the company's operations, and on the day of the incident, DA saw him placing the money in a drawer.

The next hearing will be on November 13.