Abu Dhabi court triples payout to husband after wife lied about virginity

Woman who lied about being a virgin to her second husband is ordered to pay Dh30,000 in damages to him.

ABU DHABI // A divorcee who lied to her second husband about being a virgin has been ordered to pay him Dh30,000 in damages.

The Egyptian woman and her father falsely stated in a marriage contract that she had never been married or had sex.

But three years after she wed her second husband, after the birth of their child, he received an anonymous message informing him that his wife had been married before. He was also sent a copy of his wife’s divorce documents as proof.

The husband became depressed and lost trust in those around him  before deciding to take the matter to court, where he accused his wife of undergoing surgery to make it appear as if she were a virgin.

Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance ordered her pay him Dh10,000 but both appealed this verdict. The Appeals Court then increased it to Dh30,000.