Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi Police to broadcast Covid-19 rules on car radios at Dubai border

The service – in four languages – explains the requirements for entering Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi Police has launched a Covid-19 radio alert service for people crossing the Dubai border.

It is available on 24 FM stations and will tell people the rules they need to follow to gain entry to the emirate.

The force announced the initiative on Friday and it is available in four languages: Arabic, English, Urdu and Malayalam.

It comes into effect 200 metres before the checkpoint and lists the requirements, such as having a Covid-19 test, disclosing if you arrived in the country recently and wearing a mask, while passengers travelling in the vehicle who are not related should not exceed three.

Footage on Abu Dhabi Police's social media feed showed the service in action. As a driver approaches, instructions come through the radio telling the motorist to slow down and adhere to the rules.

The force called on everyone to follow the instructions of police at these points to avoid traffic congestion.

Meanwhile, the UAE recorded 2,160 new cases of coronavirus on Friday after 239,268 tests were carried out.

Case numbers have fallen significantly since late January, when about 4,000 infections were recorded on most days.

The reduction coincided with one of the fastest vaccination programmes in the world.

Last December Abu Dhabi moved the Covid-19 DPI testing centre from before the checkpoints to Al Faya Road, at a turn-off from the E11 Dubai-Abu Dhabi motorway.

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