Businessman sold yacht and land to give cash to con artist ‘policemen’

Three men who impersonated police officers and conned an Indian businessman out of Dh1.7 million are given three-year sentences at Dubai Criminal Court.

DUBAI // Three men who impersonated police officers and threatened to send a businessman to jail for 25 years if he did not pay them Dh4.7 million have each been sentenced to three years in prison at the Dubai Criminal Court on Tuesday.

Emiratis H A, 42, S M, 32, and Pakistani N H, 45, conned Indian A M, 35, into selling a plot of land and a yacht to raise the funds to pay them.

The trio were found guilty of impersonating police officers and illegally restraining a man, as well as illegally obtaining Dh1.7m from him and attempting to take Dh3m more.

Records show that on June 25 last year, the three conmen went to a workshop and told A M that they were police officers who were investigating activities such as bootlegging and illegal alcohol trading.

They said they were aware that the businessman and his partner had generated Dh2.5m in revenue and if he did not want to go to jail then they must pay them.

The crooks rejected an offer of Dh20,000 from A M and instead demanded Dh1.7m.

A M then sold his land and yacht to give them the money.

He said he paid out of fear of jail and torture. No charges were brought against A M.

“I was threatened by the defendants to be sent to jail for 25 years,” he said. “They said I will be tortured and have my nails pulled.”

After payment, H A returned to the businessman and demanded an extra Dh3m, but he said he did not have the money.

“I told a friend of mine about this issue who, in turn, told me to go to the police. I filed a report at Bur Dubai police station,” said A M.

Police got the businessman to play along with the crooks and H A was apprehended after a meeting at Al Barsha Mall, where he was expecting to get the Dh3m. The two others were also arrested after A M set up a meeting with them.

Police seized Dh980,000 at H A’s home, Dh63,300 at S M’s home and Dh51,000 at N H’s home.

The trio were sentenced to three years in prison and the Pakistani will be deported after completing his term.

Published: May 20, 2014 04:00 AM