Burj Khalifa made out of recycled car parts showpiece in Dubai art display

DUBAI // A Burj Khalifa crafted from recycled car parts is one of up to 100 objects going on display to the public this week.

The Creativity Recycled display has been organised by Al Tayer Motors and will be a showcase for its talented technicians from across the UAE.

Visitors to the company’s showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road will be able to see models including robots, insects, vehicles, flowers, birds and musical instruments.

Up to 400 technicians from 11 locations in the UAE spent two months turning used car parts such as valves, radiator cores, grills and camshafts into 98 artistic objects.

“The objects created have exceeded our wildest expectations in terms of engagement, enthusiasm among the teams, and have served to strengthen the spirit of teamwork,” said Boulos Massoud, general manager for aftersales.

“Embodying diversity and quality, two of our core values, the competition has served to unleash the creativity hidden within our talented technicians, who have made these magnificent pieces of art that serve as a fantastic showcase of their talent, imagination and craftsmanship.”

The artistic creations, with their names and a list of the parts they were made from, will be on display at Al Tayer Motors showroom, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, from May 20 - June 1.

Visitors will be able to vote for their favourite five from the collection.

The creators of the top three works of art from the five finalists will be chosen by an internal panel of judges and will receive prizes from dealership.

Photos courtesy: Al Tayer Motors


Published: May 18, 2015 04:00 AM