Bird-attracting devices confiscated in Sharjah

The devices attract the Eurasian Stone Curlew and are used by hunters.

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Nine devices that attract birds were found and seized in Sharjah.

With the help of Sharjah Police, the Environment and Protected Areas Authority found the devices attracting Eurasian Stone Curlew in Sharjah residential areas and Al Hemreya last month.

Hana Al Suwaidi, chairwoman of the authority, said Executive Council decision 12 of 2014 bans the ownership and usage of such devices, which produce bird sounds.

It also prohibits the use of such devices in hunting birds, particularly the immigrant Curlew Birds, “which leads to serious environmental damage to the land and a change in the birds’ behaviour”, Ms Al Suwaidi added.

The penalty for possessing or using such devices is Dh10,000. The fine is doubled for repeat offences.

She encouraged the public to report environmental violations by calling 800 372 2745.