Baby saved from locked car in Ajman

Ajman Civil Defence managed to rescue the child after he was accidentally locked in the car

Ajman Civil Defence rescue a 20-month-old boy from a locked car. Ajman Civil Defence
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Police rescued a baby from his father’s locked car in Ajman on Sunday.

Lt Col Mustafa Al Ali, head of centres section at the Ajman Civil defence said the parents of 20-month-old baby reported the incident at 11.55am after accidentally locking the child in the vehicle and were not able to get him out.
"Our team from the Industrial area station was dispatched immediately and within a couple of minutes arrived to the location of the car in a residential area in Al Rawda," said Lt Col Al Ali.

He said a team of five men forced open the car door without causing any damage to the vehicle before handing the child over to his parents.

"The car's engine was switched off but the child was rescued in record time and is in good condition," he said.
Lt Col Al Ali said high temperatures increases oxygen pressure inside a locked car when the engine is switched off which causes suffocation due to inhalation of toxic gases that are released from plastic or leather seats.
"In case the car's engine was left on, the temperature of the radiator may cause a fire in the car," he said, urging parents to be more vigilant.
Dubai Police reported 86 cases of children being locked in their parent's vehicles last year compared to 90 cases the year before. The majority of children were under the age of five.
In June, two Emirati sisters — aged two and four — suffocated after being locked in their father's car for two hours in al Jurf area in Ajman.
The girls were playing in the garden at home before entered the car which auto-locked. Their father had left to perform noon prayers at a nearby mosque.

The sisters were found unable to breathe by their brother who called the father.
The father tried to perform CPR and took the girls to hospital but they died en route.