A Closer Look: Are our children safe on social media?

As governments target tech giants, we look at whether they're doing enough to protect young people

In A Closer Look, The National provides an in-depth take on one of the main stories of the week.

Social media has grown at such a rate that it's hard to fathom how it's affected our lives.

And how children use these addictive platforms is of greatest concern – not least because they are perfect future consumers for global retailers.

Last week, EU regulators said they would fine TikTok millions of euros following a probe into how the Chinese-firm handles the data of children aged 13 to 17.

And in the US, several states want to follow Texas in ensuring children must have parental approval to join platforms.

Here, we look at whether tech giants are behaving responsibly – and what parents and governments themselves must do to protect young people.

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