My Dubai Rent: Couple pay around Dh53,000 for cosy one-bedroom apartment in Silicon Oasis

Married couple explain how their apartment became a cherished home

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My Dubai Rent takes you inside a reader's home to have a look at what they get for their money, how much they pay in rent and asks them what they like and don't like

Paul Bananian is a senior business development manager for the Middle East region, working in the wireless communication industry, renting a “cosy” one-bedroom apartment in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

The 36-year-old Armenian moved there with his wife, Nanor, also 36 and a team leader in the medical equipment sales sector, in 2021.

My Dubai Rent: Dh53,000 one-bedroom apartment in Dubai Silicon Oasis

My Dubai Rent: Dh53,000 one-bedroom apartment in Dubai Silicon Oasis

They say they have enjoyed living in the home and the suburb ever since and currently pay about Dh53,000 per year.

Mr Bananian took The National on a tour.

What can you tell us about where you live?

Our property is a one-bedroom apartment located in the Dubai Digital Park compound in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

It’s been our cherished home for the past two years, where my wife and I have created countless wonderful memories together. The apartment comes with one parking space, which can be a bit of a challenge as we have two cars. However, we’ve found a solution by utilising the visitors’ parking area for our second car.

The current average price for a one-bed apartment in my building is around Dh65,000. However, we were able to secure a favourable renewal of our old contract (Dh53,000), with a modest increase of approximately Dh1,000 per year. This allows us to maintain our comfortable and stable living environment while staying within a reasonable budget.

Our apartment continues to be a place of comfort and happiness, making it truly feel like a cherished home for us.

Where did you live previously?

I have been living in the UAE for the past 11 years. Before moving to Dubai Silicon Oasis, I lived in several different areas of Dubai. Prior to this I resided in Damac Hills. Before that, I lived in Dubai Sports City.

Why did you choose this area?

Because my wife used to live here, and it proved to be very convenient for her work and daily commute. As I work from home, it also became a convenient option for me.

Additionally, we were drawn to the area due to its excellent services and amenities. Everything we need, from hospitals and hypermarkets to pharmacies, malls, and restaurants, is located nearby. It made our daily lives more comfortable, enjoyable and convenient.

Living in Dubai Silicon Oasis offers a multitude of advantages. We have easy access to gyms, shops, and supermarkets.

The area’s excellent connectivity to major roads such as the new Dubai-Al Ain Road, E311, E611 and D54 creates an easy and convenient commute for residents.

What kind of facilities do you have around you?

We can enjoy various recreational options, including cafes, restaurants, and kids’ play areas. With a strong focus on safety and security, it’s a peaceful and family-friendly neighbourhood.

It offers a quiet street, a pool, a well-equipped gym, a small park, a child play area, and nearby cafes and restaurants.

Being in a chiller-free building keeps our electricity bills in the normal range, making it a comfortable and cost-effective home.

Is it a sociable neighbourhood?

The neighbourhood fosters a sociable atmosphere where parents often engage in friendly conversations while their kids enjoy the playgrounds and parks. Childcare facilities provide a safe environment for families with young children.

However, getting to know our neighbours has proven challenging due to our busy lifestyles and work commitments.

Have you given your apartment a personal feel?

Yes, we have made our house a home by personalising it in various ways. We have decorated the space with items that reflect our style and preferences. Pictures of cherished memories adorn the walls, adding a personal touch to our living spaces. We have also invested in new furniture that complements the layout and enhances the overall ambience.

We furnished our balcony with cosy outdoor furniture, creating a relaxing spot where we can unwind and enjoy the fresh air during the winter season. All these efforts have helped transform our house into a warm and welcoming home that truly reflects our personalities.

Anything that you would alter?

Currently, we wouldn’t change anything significant in our home as we regularly upgrade and refresh the decor. Adding small new furniture, lamps, carpets, pillows, and other decorative items allows us to keep the space feeling fresh and updated. It’s these regular touches that make our home feel inviting and cosy.

Do you think living here provides you with a good deal?

Yes, I believe living here offers good value for money, especially when considering the current real estate market and the constantly increasing rental prices. Our current rental price feels fair and reasonable for what we are getting.

Are there any negative aspects to the property?

Living here has been overall pleasant and we don’t see many downsides to our experience.

One minor downside is that the en suite bathroom is a bit small, and there’s a lack of storage area, but it suits us fine.

However, for a family with a child … it might be a bit challenging. Apart from that, we haven’t encountered any other significant issues.

Do you see yourself remaining in the apartment?

We plan to stay in the property for one more year. While it feels like home and has served us well, we have aspirations of moving to a two-bedroom apartment in the near future.

Alternatively, if property market prices become more favourable, we might consider investing in our own home within the next one-two years. It’s an exciting prospect, and we look forward to exploring our options and making a decision that best aligns with our long-term plans.

Updated: July 30, 2023, 6:31 AM