A Closer Look: Farewell to a much loved queen

Queen Elizabeth II's passing has been felt around the world. Ahead of her state funeral on Monday, we look back on a week of history being made

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The death of Queen Elizabeth II after 70 years on the throne was felt around the world.

The outpouring of grief, and celebration of her life, continues this weekend as hundreds of thousands queue to see the monarch lying in state in London.

In the coming days world leaders will gather to attend her funeral in Westminster Abbey.

It will be an occasion unlike any other as kings, queens, prime ministers and presidents stand together to pay their respects.

The words spoken, photographs taken and film shot that day will make history.

Ahead of Monday's funeral, host Sarah Forster and our resident royal watcher Farah Andrews discuss this most pivotal week.

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Updated: September 16, 2022, 6:00 PM