20-year-old injured in jet ski crash, rescued by Dubai police

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A young man who was injured after he crashed his jet ski into some breakwater rocks at a beach in Dubai has been rescued, thanks to an all-female rescue patrol.

The accident happened on the afternoon of Monday, a day dedicated for women at the park and during which an all-female rescue patrol is always present.

When witnesses saw the crash, one called reporting it to Dubai police's operations room at 4:00pm which immediately passed the message to the Maritime Rescue Department.

"The department's all-female patrol acted swiftly and headed with their boat to the location of the crash securing a clear access to their colleagues in the rescue boat," said Lt col Ali Al Naqbi, director of Maritime Rescue Department.

The 20-year-old Arab man was pulled onto the rescue boat suffering from a bleeding in his left leg. He received first aid on the boat before he was taken by an ambulance to the nearest hospital in Sharjah while police turned his jet ski the right way up and towed it to shore.

On Tuesday, Col Obaid Bin Hodhaiba, Deputy director of Ports Police, called on beach-goers to follow safety rules, avoid speeding while practising water activities and sports and refrain from entering the sea under dangerous conditions.