Who will replace Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as football's next superstar?

The National staff have their say on who will rise to the top as the Barcelona and Juventus pair eventually fade out. Take a look in the slideshow below

Eight goals in his past five matches, 14 in his past 11 - Lionel Messi shows no sign of his extreme powers coming to an end.

With another Ballon d'Or trophy recently tucked away in a cabinet brimming with awards, there is no doubt that the Barcelona forward is the best footballer on the planet.

His decorated rival Cristiano Ronaldo is still on the goal trail too, with 19 in 23 matches this season, although 10 of those have come for Portugal against some of Europe's international minnows.

Time will catch up with them both, probably in the next couple of years, but not just yet.

When their star does fade, who will replace them as the leading light?

There's a raft of what you might call second tier player waiting in the wings, but will any of them make the step up, or will the throne be passed to a youngster only just finding his way at present?

The National's stable of football writers and followers have their say on who they think will be the next big thing once Messi and Ronaldo are gone.

While some have gone for the line of thought whereby Messi and Ronaldo will be stepping aside soon and have therefore selected more experienced players, others have looked further into the future.

You can also have your say in the poll below: