Brotherly link helps golf duo

The al Marzouqi boys aim to be prowling golf courses representing the UAE in all the top amateur tournaments around the world.

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Neil Cameron

ABU DHABI // UAE golf has boasted brothers who have done more than most to promote the game in their country in recent years.

Yet now the al Musharrekh boys, Abdulla and Ahmed, have some competition as another duo of talented siblings are ready to make their family name synonymous with golf in the Emirates.

Sohail al Marzouqi, 18, and younger brother, Faisal, at just 16, are two of the best teenage players to have come through the ranks of the Emirates Golf Federation.

Their aim is to play together for the UAE in the world's top amateur events, as the al Musharrekhs have done many times. The word is that both have the ability to do just that.

Sohail, who plays to a six handicap, said: "Our dream would be to play together and represent our country in a top amateur championship. We have done that many times with the junior team and now want to move to another level.

"Ahmed and Abdulla are really well-known for their golf, and both of them have been really encouraging to my brother and me. They have been an inspiration for us. Golf is always going to be a hobby for us, but we want to go far in the game. That would mean playing for [our] country and letting people know about golf in the UAE."

Faisal, who plays off 11, enjoys the fact that he and his big brother can push one another on the fairways.

"We encourage one another and I have learnt a lot from Sohail," he said. "We watch the mistakes we make and try to help put them right. I still have two years in the juniors so I'm going to spend that time working to be as good as I can be."

The al Marzouqis certainly have the drive to improve, but they struggle to juggle time on the range with their studies.

"Golf can a frustrating game," Sohail said. "My weakness is that I'm not consistent. I am very up and down. And I don't mean my games changes from week to week. This can happen to me on the very same day.

"I just don't have the time to practise as much as I would like or need. I am studying engineering and that takes up so much of my time. I would like to get down to scratch, that's my aim, but I'm not really sure when that would be because I'm so busy at university. I can barely find time for my golf right now."

Faisal is still at school and his main concern is staying fit. "My long game is not so good; however, my short game is fine," he said. "That is something I can build on as I get older. I have a lot of years to improve and the one thing I'm working hard on is my swing. But I have time.

"But I always seem to have an injury. I have a problem with my neck right now and that is frustrating."