Is the Xbox Series X beating the PlayStation 5 in the console wars?

Who had the better next generation console launch?

Sony's PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series S and Series X, both released in the middle of November 2020, have sold in record numbers. Demand for the consoles is expected to only rise in 2021 as more games are released.

Expectations that there would be more demand for Sony's offering seems to have only hurt the PlayStation manufacturer, as backorders and waiting lists for the fifth iteration of the beloved console marring its release.

Gamers in the UAE have had different experiences when attempting to purchase either of the two consoles, as buying the Xbox has proved more accessible to the PlayStation 5.

In this gaming episode of the Recorded podcast, Social Media Journalist Faisal Salah and Deputy Chief Sub-editor Michael Coetzee, judge the releases based on three criteria, and it seems that Microsoft could be edging ahead in the console wars.