How Covid-19 is disrupting art

As NYUAD Arts Centre’s 2019-2020 season came to a close, Bill Bragin, its executive art director, and his team began thinking about next season. Coronavirus shut down industries with a brutality that reverberated through the art world. The arts centre was fully aware of the economic impact the pandemic had on artists everywhere. There was the uncertainty about whether there would be in-person performances, but also the potential of working with the newly enforced online medium. The challenges for the art world were vast and varied. But as the world looked for outlets from the pandemic - to watch TV and films, read books, listen to music and much more - it was obvious that creative content was vital in this time of crisis

Host Alexandra Chavez looks at how some of the artists from the NYUAD Arts Centre programme tackled the challenges. We hear from 600 Highwaymen, Martha Redbone and Boom.Diwan.