Pocketful of Dirhams: How to stay on top of your finances during Eid

Pre-planning and avoiding last-minute purchases on credit cards are key to avoiding debt during the holiday

Are you financially prepared for the Eid Al Fitr celebrations?

There are numerous expenses associated with the holiday — such as gifts, new clothes, family gatherings, zakat and overseas travel.

There is no doubt that it can be an expensive time of the year for many households in the UAE — particularly for those who have left it too late to set budgets and put away money in the lead up to the holiday.

And that is why it’s extremely important not to give into temptation and rack up debt during Eid, particularly with the higher interest rates that credit cards attract these days.

Host Felicity Glover is joined by Rasheda Khatun Khan, a wealth and wellness expert, founder of Design Your Life and the author of Millionaire Mindset – 6 Steps To A Wealthy Life, who discusses the best ways to avoid debt over the Eid break.

Hosted by Felicity Glover

Produced by Arthur Eddyson and Doaa Farid

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Updated: April 19, 2023, 12:22 PM