Four-day work week? – Business Extra

Non-profit 4 Day Week Global explains the once-in-a-generation opportunity to reshape working practices for well-being and productivity

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More than 3,000 workers at 70 companies in the UK in June began a six-month trial of a four-day working week.

Researchers will work with each organisation to measure the effects on productivity and the well-being of its workers, and on the environment and gender equality.

The trend towards new patterns of work has accelerated since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Charlotte Lockhart and Andrew Barnes, from non-profit 4 Day Week Global, talk to hosts Mustafa Alrawi and Kelsey Warner about how they are building a community to research four-day work week practices and identify the future of work.

In this episode

Will the four-day work week be a reality? (0m 13s)

Measuring performance and adapting to the change (3m 52s)

Bringing all the sectors together (6m 53s)

Handling bad management, the 'grind' culture and the great resignation (11m 53s)

Will the trend last or will we revert back? (15m 58s)

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Updated: September 13, 2022, 3:58 AM