How the role of the CEO is changing: Business Extra

Status quo is no longer good enough in the C-suite.

From employees looking for greater leadership and meaning in their work amid the Great Reassessment, to shareholders and consumers calling for sustainability and equity, top jobs at the corporate level demand a new list of skills.

Shane Phillips, chief executive of global executive search company The Phillips Group, joins host Kelsey Warner this week. He talks about the hiring questions boards of directors are asking after the pandemic, the new career path to becoming a chief executive and tips to stand out as a candidate.

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In this episode

Is the role of the chief executive changing? (1m 17s)

What skill set are boards looking for in chief executives? (1m 57s)

Who is heir apparent for the chief executive position? (5m 28s)

What makes a good chief executive? (7m 49s)

Corporate greed and mismanagement. (11m 16s)

chief executive as teenagers. (13m 51s)

Updated: December 1st 2021, 3:00 AM