Beyond the Headlines: What next for Biden, Trump, Democrats and Republicans?

For millions of Americans, it is an unwelcome blast from the past. For millions of others, it is a hope for a second chance to "drain the swamp" of US politics.

Whatever your view on Donald Trump and his mission to make America great again, there is no doubt that the former president's recent announcement that he intends to make another run for the White House in 2024 is deeply divisive.

True to form, Mr Trump heralded his possible campaign with a combination of rhetorical showmanship, bombast and mudslinging in the days leading up to the big announcement.

He took a swipe at the newly re-elected Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, a one-time ally whose success and popularity with his constituents has cast him as a potential challenger to Mr Trump. Host Sulaiman Hakemy sits down with Hussein Ibish, The National’s US affairs columnist and senior resident scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington, and The National's social media editor, Cody Combs, to talk about what is next for President Joe Biden, Mr Trump, Democrats and Republicans.

Donald Trump announces candidacy for president in 2024

Donald Trump announces candidacy for president in 2024
Updated: November 18, 2022, 4:02 PM