Young drivers should visit crash victims

Readers discuss the best way to address the crash rate of young drivers. Jeff Topping / The National
Readers discuss the best way to address the crash rate of young drivers. Jeff Topping / The National

With regard to your article, Young motorists responsible for nearly half of Sharjah accidents (July 12), I think anger-management classes are needed for these young men.

You just see how they think they’ve got nine lives – taking risks that can kill others without a thought.

I’d like to give them a tour of Rashid Hospital so they can see the looks on the families whose loved ones have been injured or killed.

I’ve been thinking what could be done about it because police are doing so much with the fines and radars and still these drivers get away with it.

Dr Leila Kazim, Dubai

I believe these young drivers need an attitude check. To my dismay, many drivers’ skill levels are pathetic.

I suggest they should go back to do a refresher course or else they should not be on the roads, thinking they can get away with their tactics.

I would also take a look at the number of vehicles that motorists have. Banks are now giving car loans to youngsters without requiring a down payment. Who knows how many of these youngsters are driving without even a licence?

Driving in the UAE used to be a pleasure, but now it’s a nightmare. Who knows when you are going to be caught up in a car accident?

Mathew Litty, Dubai

This is kind of a ridiculous conclusion because young motorists in this country probably constitute half of the motorists, if not more, so logically and statistically speaking this output is normal.

Fires Barqawi, Abu Dhabi

Lovely gesture by restaurateur

The gesture described in your story, Dubai restaurant owner dishes out a day to remember for labourers (July 12), is wonderful.

I am sure these men will have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being treated to their favourite dishes and a luxury ride.

I think what this young entrepreneur has done for these labourers is absolutely amazing and touching.

Hopefully he has inspired many others to come forward to help these people, who are less fortunate than many of us and who cannot afford luxuries due to their limited earnings.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

Prosperity must be enjoyed by all

I think the headline of Dr Shaikha Al Maskari’s article (Empathy and compassion must guide the road ahead, July 8) says it all.

I think she has got it right when she says that “we must live within the merits and vices of our global village”.

Generally speaking, more prosperity has been created in the last half-century than in any time in history. The reason is that most places are at peace.

However, while the trend is generally good, those who have lost from the free-flow of goods and people are feeling the pain and are susceptible and vulnerable to the message of demagogues. Examples of this include Donald Trump in the United States and those who promoted the Brexit campaign on the lie that money going to Europe would be used at home.

We need to make the global village wider and we need to pay attention to those who have lost out in the globalising world. But trying to turn the clock back doesn’t benefit anyone.

Tang Li, Singapore

Britons prepare for female PM

Twenty-six years after the UK said au revoir to its first female premier, the stage is set for the them to experience another round of female power.

The Brexit vote was certainly a vote of no confidence in David Cameron, a man who rightly wanted to be part of Europe.

This also brings to an end an era of wishy-washy politics that witnessed now-disgraced prime minister Tony Blair entering into an alliance with the United States to invade Iraq – Britain’s first foray into an external war since the Falklands.

Theresa May will have to weather the post-Brexit storm, the infighting within the Tory ranks and the continuing immigration debate.

These will be the challenges facing the woman who steps into the Iron Lady’s famous shoes.

A R Modak, South Africa

Move to get the best home deal

In relation to your article, Abu Dhabi, Dubai home prices and rents continue falling (July 12), nobody should expect their landlord to drop their rent.

For a tenant to make use of the drop of the rent, you have to consider vacating your flat and moving to an empty one.

Jehad Makhoul, Lebanon

Published: July 12, 2016 04:00 AM


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