Summer is a great time to start reading

Readers discuss summer reading. Other topics: India and honesty kiosks

Readers discuss how to get children reading during the summer. Antonie Robertson / The National
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I am writing about your report on reading (#UAEReads: How parents can keep kids reading over the summer, July 7). While many impatient travellers who can't bear the summer temperatures here are travelling back to their home countries, there are many students who are staying back to complete various crash courses or working to fill their wallets with some extra pocket money.

There are many ways to stay busy at home such as learning the basics of cooking, creating a better space to create a great living environment, reading and writing.

Summer is a good time for parents and children to spend time sharing their ideas and views. Parents can instil some moral values instead of leaving children on the loose. Children need their free space but they should not be lost.

There are many talented children here who love to do something unique so parents should encourage them to showcase their hidden talents and be heard. Summer should be used to the fullest and if you don’t utilise it then you might have to wait for another year.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

Children need to play and explore. Please don’t think that typical ideas of an education will be the only things your children need to prepare for life.

I did some minor reading during the summer, mostly because I loved it. However, when I was small my mother spent a good deal of time with me to get the basics and a love of learning. A love of exploring and learning is a greater skill that memorisation.

Daniella How, Abu Dhabi

Mumbai faces many problems

I refer to your news item on India (Mumbai carries out 'world's largest slum survey', July 7). As mentioned in the article, about half of Mumbai's population lives in the slums.

The government is trying to deal with the problem through the Slum Rehabilitation Act, under which builders provide accommodation to the slum dwellers in high rise buildings, in lieu of which they get the land free to build high rise luxury apartments. The scheme is already under implementation.

One of the negative fallouts of this scheme is that a plethora of high-rise buildings are mushrooming across Mumbai. Some localities such as Lower Parel are already overcrowded with high-rise buildings. The size of the existing streets and roads cannot be increased.

The result of this problem is massive traffic jams throughout the day in many parts of the city. Parts of Mumbai are gradually becoming impossible due to the traffic conditions. It is critical to create employment opportunities in the villages, so that unbridles migration to the towns and cities is reduced.

Poor agricultural conditions have driven thousands of farmers to suicide, which in turns sends many rural families to the cities to search for work. State governments have to ensure that agricultural activities provide good livelihoods in the villages.

Rajendra K Aneja, Dubai

Pakistan has lost a great leader

I am writing about the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi. The Pride of Pakistan and the Saint of Karachi is no longer with us.

His Edhi Foundation is the most respected NGO in Karachi and has been serving humanity for over six decades.

Even in death, he will continue to see how we carry his legacy forward.

He will be laid to rest in a grave he had earmarked for himself decades ago and in the same simple dress that was his identity.

Mohammad Hamza, Dubai

Can honesty improve retail?

I am writing about your report on new retail ideas ('Honesty kiosk' concept could spread across UAE, July 8).

This concept has worked fine in Friesland, the Netherlands, for years.

It’s great that it works so well here as well.

Hilda van der Tuin, Abu Dhabi

New Zealand has been doing these for over 53 years. Most people are understanding about the effort the farmers take and appreciate fresh farm produce.

Lynette Warn, New Zealand

This retail concept works fine in rural areas of Germany. Farmers sell fresh veggies, fruits and eggs from simple display tables set up road side.

Wiltrud Matthes, Dubai