Safety is the priority

Better enforcement of jet-ski laws is needed to avoid potentially deadly accidents at sea

The rules governing jet ski use have been tightened in recent years, and for good reason. Jet skis can reach as fast as 100 kph – at which speed even the smallest accident could prove fatal – and there have been several deaths and many major injuries in the past few years. This is why the authorities have not just imposed rules regulating the use of jet skis, they have banned them from several areas near Abu Dhabi’s beaches.

However, enforcement of these laws continues to be a challenge. As The National reported yesterday, the threat of fines or jail hasn’t deterred jet-ski operators from using the machines in areas where they are banned. We have also reported incidents of children driving jet skis, and jet-ski users harassing swimmers or creating excessive noise near residential areas late at night.

Common sense by operators and users, and more robust enforcement of the law, will go a long way to ensure high safety standards and allow everybody to enjoy swimming and other watersports.