Home innovation

Daily activities like having a bowl of cereal for breakfast are being commercialised

Over the past decade there has been a noticeable trend of start-up companies trying to make a business out of daily practices that we normally do at home. Take Cereal Killer. The trendy cafe that began serving only cereal in London for £4.80 (Dh25) a bowl is planning to open a branch in Dubai this spring. The humble practice of having cornflakes in the morning will soon be trendy, social and expensive.

The direction of travel when it comes to the commercialisation of our daily activities is clear. In addition to the cereal cafe, Dubai already has a cat cafe, where customers can have a coffee and play with adorable animals. As one of the owners of Cereal Killer noted, customers aren’t paying for just cereal, they are paying for an “experience”. Coupled with the myriad simple tasks that our smartphones do for us on a regular basis, there is seemingly endless opportunity to do something new with the mundane experiences of life. All one has to do is think outside the cereal box.