Good news for consumers

A reader hails reduction if prices of odd-looking vegetables. Other topics: happiness, electric car, Homeland TV series, Marina Mall

A reader hails Spinneys’ decision to sell odd-looking vegetables at lower prices. Pawan Singh / The National
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I am happy to know that odd-looking vegetables will be at least 20 per cent cheaper than regular stock at Spinneys (Nothing strange with odd looking vegetables, UAE shoppers to be told, March 1).

With the current rate of inflation, it’s impossible to keep up, especially since there’s no increase in salaries.

Name withheld by request

I wonder why it’s happening only in Spinneys. This is an initiative that will not just benefit consumers but even retailers.

Joy Samuel, Abu Dhabi

Our leaders guide us on path to happiness

Our leaders have shown that we can do so many things if we have big ideas and great ambitions (Vice President launches Dh1m reward to celebrate 'those who make hope', March 1). At a time when the region is going through tension and turmoil, the Arab Hope Makers initiative seems to be the most relevant and creative project.

Only targeting the bad souls will not take us anywhere. Rather we must try to identify the good ones, cultivate them and encourage them to spread their messages of goodness and hope far and wide. Ultimately it’s goodness and virtues that can prove to be the most effective weapons against destructive forces.

I commend Sheikh Mohammed and all our leaders for trying to guide people on the right path. Long live the UAE.

Naeem Akhtar, Dubai

Are we ready for the electric car?

It currently costs around 51 cents per kilometre to drive the average Tesla car. Of that, 11 cents is fuel. A 10 to 30 per cent saving on fuel is 1.1 to 3 cents per kilometre.

I am afraid that will not offset the higher cost of the vehicle nor the battery replacement that is predicted to fail in the sixth or seventh year of operation.

The other factor is the long wait for the batteries to recharge before you can operate the vehicle.

This technology is just not ready for these demands or this climate, for that matter.

Bob Oswin, Canada

Homeland TV series is a joke

The television drama Homeland is a joke (Abu Dhabi is not quite like this, February 8). In the eyes of Holywood and Americans, Muslims and terrorists are synonymous. To me it is just as offensive as a big-nosed Merchant of Venice.

Owais Ahmed Khan, Dubai

Marina Mall needs to expand

I refer to your report Malls of the UAE: European street feel is part of Abu Dhabi's Marina Mall's charm (March 1). I hope at least 50 per cent of their new stores aren't carbon copies of what's in every other mall.

It would be awesome to have Kinokuniya. The mall also needs to quadruple its food-court options (maybe relocate the food court to allow food outlets to be together) and add restaurants.

Currently my favourite malls are Al Wahda and Yas Mall.

Christie King Eckardt, Abu Dhabi

The food court in Marina Mall is awful. It needs a wider variety of stores too. A really well-stocked bookstore, such as Kinokuniya or Borders, will enhance its attraction. However, these stores seem to sell more toys and junk than books.

Affordable, quality clothing that we can actually wear here without getting gawked at would be good. Not everyone wants to dress like a 17-year-old or like they are forever going clubbing.

Food options and better signs are also necessary. Tony Roma’s is a good addition. Sadly it’s hidden. The mall is one of the stops for the Big Bus tours. I guess many visitors are disappointed as they can’t even find decent food. I prefer Abu Dhabi Mall, Mushrif Mall and Dalma Mall.

Jean Francoise Ng Lewis, Abu Dhabi