From the Oscars to World Book Day, Twitter had a great week

What social media users are talking about in #arabictrending this week. Compiled by Sarah Khamis.

Social media was buzzing with discussion about an Emirati biker wedding, recommendations for World Book Day and Oscar gossip that focused on Leonardo DiCaprio finally taking home his first gold statue.

Bikers’ wedding

Nadia Hussein and Salem Al Mureikhi shared a special bond with their love for riding motorbikes. So, the couple decided to mark their wedding day in an unorthodox manner with a bikers’ wedding.

This was the first such wedding in the UAE and so the event was a great source of debate for Twitter users. Some were against the idea while others said it was completely up to the bride and groom how they chose to mark their special day.

User Abdullah @AbdllahAlneaimi tweeted: “As life goes on you will like some things and you will get shocked by some others. The ones who leave everyone alone and mind their own business are the wise ones.” Ali @ali_alshamsi wrote: “There is no reason for everyone to be angry at this wedding, it’s a personal matter and they did nothing against the law.”

Sheikha @shai5ahalfalasi who thought this was a shameful act, wrote: “Do whatever you like, but do not make the UAE look bad.”

Nasser @nfs_alsh59 pointed out that it was a matter of freewill: “This is a personal choice and everyone has the right to live as they like.”

Dr Ahmed @abusalem_uae wrote: “Stop criticising other people’s actions and look at yourselves and work on fixing your own and leave the others alone.”

Nasser @NAlkhlaifi admired their couple’s determination: “Deciding to do the Harley wedding in a month-and-a-half shows their willpower. I spent nine years saying I will lose weight then get a bike.”

World Book Day

People celebrated World Book Day in different ways. Some formed reading groups while schools engaged in fun activities like allowing their students to dress up as their favourite book characters.

Jon @JonOliverEditor tweeted: “Happy World Book Day. Books. They’re good. Buy more. This has been a promotional Tweet on behalf of books.”

Michelle @bookclubforum wanted to be immersed in the experience: “It’s World Book Day – surely that means I’m allowed to stay at home all day and read.”

British actor and author @davidwalliams tweeted: “Happy World Book Day! It’s a good day to encourage someone who hates reading to get stuck into a book. It doesn’t need to be one of mine!”

Chris @dalty wrote: “Let’s celebrate the wonderful reality of the printed book – the best avenue to the virtual reality of your imagination.”

Meanwhile, @pamperandcurves wrote: “Today is one of my daughter’s favourite school days of the year. World Book Day is a chance to combine books and dressing up, which is my dream too.”

Academy Awards

American actor Leonardo DiCaprio was the centre of Oscars’s gossip this year. He finally took home his first golden statue after many nominations.

Twitter users were divided about his award, his acceptance speech and how the whole awards ceremony unfolded.

User @MAGICMEDIA_BN wrote: "Leonardo wins best actor for The Revenant. This is his first win. The curse is broken."

@Psychic_Sasha wrote: “I’m genuinely so happy for this man. Beautiful person both inside out.”

American blogger @The­PerezHilton was critical. He commented, “Leonardo DiCaprio deserved to win the Oscar, but his acceptance was blah!”

@PhoenixMCtyPune: “Let us not take the planet for granted!” Brilliant speech from a brilliant actor. Congratulations.”

Victoria @VickiBelo: “Excellent work should always be recognised. Congrats Leonardo DiCaprio.”

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