Will laws in America change after George Floyd's death?

Our readers have their say on police brutality, mid-air weddings, train crashes and airport welcomes
TOPSHOT - People watch a concert from a nearby rooftop on the anniversary of the police murder of George Floyd, at George Floyd Memorial Square in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, 2021. The family of George Floyd appealed on May 25 for sweeping police reform on the anniversary of the African American man's murder by a white officer, as they met President Joe Biden at the White House. - 
 / AFP / Kerem Yucel

With reference to the report George Floyd honoured a year after his killing by US police (May 25): this still breaks my heart. Makes me angry and that won't go away till the laws are amended. Everyone in America must join the fight and push for a change in legislation.

Cristine Lelonek, Maryland, US

A mid-air wedding takes the cake

In regard to Taniya Dutta's piece Indian couple face inquiry after exchanging vows mid-air with 160 guests (May 24): getting married in mid-air is bad enough in these times, but uploading the video on social media really takes the cake.

Satyakam Parida, Odisha, India

It is alarming that the bride and groom were not scared of getting infected or spreading the virus among others on the plane. How could anyone have advised them to go ahead with this plan?

Doctors and nurses in India are working so hard, day and night, to control the spread but it is the carelessness of people like these who want to celebrate a wedding in a pandemic. They should be fined.

Krishna Devi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Seems like the newly-weds have zero empathy for the rest of their suffering nation.

Jose Viera Amarilla, Dubai

Still wondering how the pilot agreed to fly this plane.

Dinu Kumar R, Kerala, India

A first major crash on a two-decade-old railway network

With reference to the article More than 200 people injured after trains collide in Kuala Lumpur (May 25): hope everyone recovers fast. This has never happened before in the 23-year-old metro system in the Malaysian capital and let's hope it never happens again.

Mohan Pillai, Massachusetts, US

A good move about the volumes of loudspeakers 

With reference to Mariam Nihal's report Saudi Arabia's mosques asked to turn down volume on loudspeakers (May 25): a very considerate move by the authorities, and will make a difference especially to those people who work the night shift and need to rest in the day.

Viola A Atilano, Abu Dhabi

Video of Kuwaiti father welcoming daughter warms the heart

With regard to your video on Facebook that showed a Kuwaiti father welcoming his daughter home after her graduation (May 25): airports are always great places to see loved ones being united but this is one of the best welcomes I've seen. What a welcome by her proud dad! It was good to see.

Padma Ranganathan, Chennai, India