We must not let social media divide the nation of India

A full back page advertisement from WhatsApp intended to counter fake information in India. Prakash Singh / AFP
A full back page advertisement from WhatsApp intended to counter fake information in India. Prakash Singh / AFP

I refer to your article India v Pakistan: players and fans should cut out the jingoism in Cricket World Cup match (June 16). So much information is being circulated on social media today. Thanks to smartphones, which the majority of us have access to, news spreads faster than the wildest of jungle fires.

Messages are forwarded with a request to spread them to the maximum number of people. Without verifying the news, most of us take it as read. Do we ever give a thought as to whether the news is authentic and what purpose will be achieved by circulating it? Do we want to incite communal violence and spread hatred among our countrymen by passing on fake news? Do we want India to integrate?

Please do not hastily forward any unpleasant message that could in any way lead to ill will among our different religious communities. We are the proud citizens of a great secular country, for which freedom fighters made sacrifices, rising above religious and communal considerations. Let us not betray them. Let none succeed in dividing us on the basis of religion or caste. Please post responsibly.

Aswant Kaur, Amritsar

The UN must act to bring the war in Yemen to an end

I refer to your article Coalition strikes destroy Yemeni rebels’ boat bombs (June 21). I wonder why Iran feels the need to support destruction in Yemen by arming the Houthis. The rebels will never rule Yemen, and their dream of sowing ­destruction in Saudi Arabia and beyond will turn into nightmare when reality hits their galloping egos. What is the UN doing? It must act now to bring this dreadful war to an abrupt end.

Nazim Hasan Khan, India

Praise for the graceful Middle Eastern camels

I write in reference to your editorial Take a moment to appreciate the ancient ships of the desert (June 20). This article on camels, also known by that affectionate nickname, was a moving read. On the auspicious occasion of World Camel Day this ­weekend, it offered an apt tribute for the gracious animals. Camels are respected across the Middle East and have helped in the baking sun by carrying people and ­luggage for centuries. When I was in the UAE, I saw plenty of camels while enjoying desert safaris. There is no doubt that the camel is a truly proud feature of the desert.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Baghdad has been destroyed by international politics

I write in reference to your article Iraqi rights commission deplores ‘very poor’ prison conditions (June 21). I pity the poor people of Iraq. Baghdad, once a glittering, busy metropolis, filled with fun and laughter has been destroyed by the politics – both domestic and international. Today, its people are suffering in myriad ways. Funds are scarce, safety is absent and fear is at a peak. What else one can expect from prisons there?

Name withheld by request

Published: June 22, 2019 06:18 PM


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