UAE schools closed but parents should not be complaining

Our readers have their say about the latest coronavirus-related announcement, political discord in Iraq and seats on planes

DUBAI, UAE. February 17, 2015 - Stock photograph of students boarding their school buses after school at Gems Modern Academy in Dubai, February 17, 2015. (Photos by: Sarah Dea/The National, Story by: Roberta Pennington, News)
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I write in reference to Juman Jarallah and Rory Reynolds' article Coronavirus: UAE schools to close for a month (March 3): those complaining about their kids being home should remember that this is an emergency situation, and their children's health and safety are more important than anything else. The outcome of not ordering a school closure could have been catastrophic.

Melanie Rose, Dubai

If you are having a rant about how this has ruined your holiday plans, please note that this is not about you or your vacation. It is about saving lives, maybe even yours.

Name withheld by request

I write in reference to Mina Al-Oraibi's article With Allawi's failure to form government, Iraq's political dysfunction at new heights (March 3): this was a fascinating piece but also a very sobering one.

The story of modern-day Iraq is sad because after decades of one man and his regime controlling the destiny of an entire country, there is now much discord within the political system. It is tempting to assume that this is the outcome of divides in society but, if the past few months are a demonstration of anything, it is that the people are united in demanding that the political class come together to fix the country’s problems.

The tragedy is that the country is resource rich: it is blessed with oil wealth but also some of the most dynamic people in the region. It’s just a case of finding a way to tap into both resources and get the best out of them. But for that to happen, the ruling elite must bury their political and sectarian differences to build a nation that has been broken for far too long. Once the cradle of a great civilisation, Iraq needs to be restored to its past glory. Its people deserve nothing less.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Seat on plane was used as it was intended – so no need to apologise

I write in reference to Sophie Prideaux's article Man's MacBook Pro destroyed by passenger in front reclining on Delta flight (March 2): passengers have every right to use their seats and all of their functions. The seat was used as it was intended. Why ask him or her to apologise?

Name withheld by request

Ethiopia and Egypt should solve their problems diplomatically

I write in reference to Hamza Hendawi's article Egypt's El Sisi holds military meeting amid tension with Ethiopia (March 3): dialogue is the only solution to problems that exist between countries. They cannot be solved through military means.

Name withheld by request