The UAE really walks the walk when it comes to tolerance

Our readers have their say about the UAE, Pittsburgh and Diwali

Abu Dhabi: The Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Mosque in Al Mushrif renamed ‘Mariam, Umm Eisa’ — Arabic for ‘Mary, the mother of Jesus’, Vidhyaa for The National,ID 63857 *** Local Caption ***  na16ju-p4-mosque.jpg
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The UAE is one of those countries whose actions at a local and international level are an exemplary model of the rapid changes in the Mena region. Regarding religious tolerance, the UAE has “walked the talk” by proving that tolerance is indeed an intrinsic part of Islamic culture.

In an unprecedented move by a Muslim-dominated country, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed mosque in Mushrif was renamed Mariam Umm Eisa (Mary, mother of Jesus) mosque last year. The renaming was not done because of any petition but to show how tolerant the country is.

In the international political arena, the UAE government has established its position as a peacemaker. It was pivotal in the thaw in relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea that stunned the world. Ethiopia’s foreign minister Workneh Gebeyehu thanked Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed for being the linchpin of this historic peace treaty that restored cordial relations after two decades.

The UAE’s seminal role in achieving peace between these two countries did not gain much media coverage outside the Mena region.

Furthermore, unlike certain countries that encourage anti-immigration policies or build borders to deter immigrants, the UAE’s stance on immigration is laudable.

The visa amnesty programme is a kind gesture and a blessing to many illegal residents that rarely makes international headlines.

Jude Ephson, Dubai

Measure should be taken to prevent another Pittsburgh

Your story Pittsburgh synagogue gunman said he wanted all Jews to die (October 28) was a sad read. This attack by a lone gunman was a first in US history, with the deaths of 11 people and many injured.

It should be rightly condemned. The motive behind the attack, of eradicating the Jewish community, is utterly outrageous.

Hate crime, racism and inhumane acts like this are completely intolerable. The US should implement stringent measures to protect innocent people against this type of attack.

Killing of any kind is heinous but in a public place or prayer hall is particularly despicable. I pray for the innocent victims.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Have a cracking time but keep noise to a minimum

Next week Indians across the world will be celebrating the Diwali festival and welcoming the New Year with fanfare, new clothes, sweets and firecrackers. However it is time to reduce and even eliminate the noisy crackers, which are a fire hazard. The festival should be celebrated with joy and good wishes, not deafening crackers.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai