Plight of stranded crew touches a chord

Our readers have their say on the stranded sailors, old cars and games

With reference to Nick Webster's report Tanker crew stranded off UAE coast tell of return to a changed world (January 27): Praying they get the much needed help to get back home.

Wanda Prock, Abu Dhabi

This is very upsetting, some owners are just heartless. I hope they receive their full pending wages soon.

Amina Karim, Dubai

This was very disturbing to learn. So many months without basic facilities and away from home – it's absolutely unthinkable. Is the vessel owner really too poor to pay them? This is torture and exploitation of the helpless in a foreign land.

Nandinni Banerrji, Sharjah

This story moved me to tears... 43 months is unimaginable. Am glad the reporter did this story. The concerned authorities will take notice now.

Tasneem A Majeed, Sharjah

You want to tell me 43 months lapsed and no one was able to do anything to help these unfortunate people? This is so upsetting.

Alex Waters, Dubai

I hope that they will be reunited with their families and loved ones soon now that their plight is known.

Benjie Santos, Abu Dhabi

A drive down memory lane

This is regarding James Langton's report UAE at 50: rolling back the years to discover Sheikh Zayed's magnificent lost limousine (January 26): this is a fascinating story. The large American car in the desert driving video looks like a '66 Chrysler Newport, wonder what became of that.

Michael Schron, Abu Dhabi

What some gamers will cough up for a PS5

With reference to Patrick Ryan's report UAE gamers angry as profiteers snap up PS5 stock and sell for up to Dh10,000 (January 26): If someone is paying Dh10,000 for a PS5, they need to give themselves a serious shake.

Andrew Ralston, Abu Dhabi

I got mine for $1010. Almost double the actual price.

Muhammad Zohair, Islamabad, Pakistan

I myself paid Dh9000 for this. A guy sold it to me at the Mall of the Emirates – he had pre-ordered it. It is foolishness to buy it at that price but I don't regret it as my son is super happy.

Ayesha Al Baloushi, Dubai