Phoning home isn’t what it used to be in days gone by

Readers discuss vintage mobile phones, football and Ikea

Regarding your stories about the history of the UAE, while rummaging through my wardrobe I came across the Anis phone, which I bought here in the late 1980s.

While doing some research about it, I then came across your 2011 article about the Anis phone, one of Etisalat's first phones in 1987, part of a collection owned by Mohammed Al Fahim.

I have been a resident of the UAE for the last four decades and it is like a second home to me. It would be a privilege to add my phone to the collection of a museum on UAE history and contribute something to its rich heritage, however small my part might be.

Pratab Advani, Dubai

In the World Cup, we must unite as fans and nations

With reference to your editorial  The World Cup has the power to unite nations (June 15), it is true that football unites the world like no other sport. From the villages of Africa to the pubs in London, to the bars in Brazil or the cafes in Casablanca in Morocco, football fever has already gripped the world, embracing the rich, poor and all levels of society.

As you rightly underscored, there are fissures between the US, Mexico and Canada, due to some protectionist policies of US President Donald Trump. However, 2026 is still eight years away. Hopefully by that time the US will end its current isolationist approach and repair its relationships with its neighbours. The US should realise that “America First” is not “America alone”. No person or country can become an island to itself in the current connected world, where corporations like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft have dissolved geographical borders through information technology. We should look forward to a wonderful United football carnival in 2026 across these three large and colourful countries.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

In response to your article Saudi Arabia's players accused of only giving '5 per cent' in World Cup loss to Russia (June 15), I think it's very important for all nations to support their teams, irrespective of whether they win or lose. It must be overwhelming for the players.

Kelly Morriss, Abu Dhabi

Ikea’s Indian expansion will no doubt be a success

I write with reference to your story Ikea set to adapt as it opens first India store (June 15): the renowned furniture brand Ikea is going to set up its first store in the Indian southern city of Hyderabad. This is a great development for Indian customers.To attract people, Ikea's strategy of having Indian delicacies such as samosas on offer is a good one to attract both consumers and customers. Ikea is already well-established in many countries and this is just the beginning of its venture in India, which will no doubt expand in due course.

K Ragavan, Denver